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Best Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin investment is lucrative and man


y people are reaping big from it. Of all the digital currency available in the market, Bitcoin is the most popular and secure way of transacting. Before thinking of putting your finances into Bitcoin, ask yourself if you have enough knowledge of the company you want to engage with. This review will show you how to invest in bitcoins. Read on for more insight.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. It also refers to the software that lets you use the bitcoin currency. What necessitated its creation was the safety of sending money across the world without the intervention of a third party or the risk of theft. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. Bitcoin is all about helping individuals transact money on and offline.

How to Invest in Bitcion

There are several ways to make bitcoin investment with some of them being more or less complicated than others.
Mining bitcoins
This is the least used method used to make a BTC investment because it is very complicated and expensive. To start, you will need a very powerful
computer programs which will be used to solve complicated mathematical problems. You also need miners to run these programs. The logic behind it is that after solving the cryptographic puzzles, new bitcoins will be generated. You will need to show proof of how you solved the puzzle. Eventually, the miners are entitled to a profit share as per the agreement. In some cases, miners may decide to come together to easily solve the cryptographic puzzle and share the profit. Much energy is needed in this process and the results are unpredictable. Now days, mining takes

place in data centers known as warehouses. It requires millions of dollars to set one if you intend to get good returns.

• Buying holdings

This method of BTC investment involves buying of bitcoin currency with the hope of it appreciating in value in the future. It is the most popular method used since it doesn’t involve any mathematics. It is also known as “holding.” If you decide to go with this way to invest, make sure that it is timely, meaning, you are conversant with the bitcoin trading trends and there is a possibility of it appreciating in value. It is advisable that you do your own homework on bitcoin trading and avoid anyone’s advice about the future of the bitcoin currency.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Don’t invest more than you can lose, meaning you don’t borrow money to invest in bitcoin because it is a very serious investment and c

an get risky.
2. After purchasing bitcoins, make sure you’ve transferred them into your own bitcoin wallet. It’s a big mistake to leave them at the exchange. Use a hardware wallet to store them but if you can’t afford one, get a paper wallet.
3. When buying bitcoins, it is advisable you transact from a reputable exchange with proven credibility.
4. Bitcoins should be bought though average dollar cost. Don’t buy bitcoins in a single trade. Buy in bits. This means that you can decide to buy a fixed amount every day, week, or month all through the year.

• Bitcoin trading.

This is different from all the other ways of bitco

in investments. Here, you actively buy bitcoins at low price and after a while sell them at a higher price. It requires knowledge and practice to successfully trade. Be very careful when trading because the market is full of players waiting for newbies who trade carelessly to profit from it.



Kinsta Review: A High-Performance WordPress Hosting

When running a blog, you need a WordPress hosting that meets your blogging needs. Slow loading pages are depressing to look at. Even though finding a good web hosts is not easy, Kinsta is the best when it comes to hosting WordPress websites.

Kinsta, the fastest WordPress hosting in the market, has incredible speed. Its speed is due to cutting-edge technologies such as Nginx PHP 7,LXD containers, and MafiaDB. Kinsta-hosted websites are monitored for uptime and detection protocols are there to detect DDOs attacks.

Backups are automated and done every day. The customer support uses a ticket-based support system via intercom. Customer support is 24/7 within the Kinsta dashboard and the team is dedicated to your needs. The hosting plan accommodates everyone with an entry-level plan at $30 per month. Kinsta uses servers from Google Cloud Platform and exclusively hosts WordPress websites.


Many hosting companies will have speed and lack integration with WordPress or even lack both. If I were to choose one without the other, I would opt for speed when it comes to WordPress hosting because the rest will come automatically. A slow web is irritating to anyone and will make you lose interest of what you are looking for. In blogging, fast impression leaves a lasting perception. Visitors will avoid your site if they find it slow.

Kinsta hosting uses servers on the Google Cloud platform and exclusively hosts WordPress websites. They have dedicated their energy and time to optimize setup for WordPress website.

With thousands of WordPress web hosting plugins in the market, getting a reliable host is a tedious task, especially when all promise to deliver but do the opposite. However, Kinsta WordPress hosting is different since it has set a milestone in WordPress web hosting. Moreover, it doesn’t have any struggles staying in the market and its credibility puts it on top.

Kinsta is the fastest WordPress hosting and focuses on three crucial aspects of the website: speed, uptime, and website security. Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional development allows Kinsta clients to choose from 15 hosting location from Europe, Asia, and USA.

 Besides reliability, speed is the second most important aspect of any good WordPress host. It is crucial for SEO purposes, convenience, and excellent user experience.

Kinsta WordPress hosting speed is exceptional and won’t disappoint.

The reason why it is regarded as the fastest WordPress hosting is cutting-edge technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers, and MariaDB. TheLXD offers isolation with automatic scalability that allows high-level transportability between host machines to enable complete and instant backups of the whole environment. This has reduced loading speed significantly from 2.260 seconds to 0.836 seconds.

A copy of your website is created in the stage area allowing you to make changes to the website without necessarily messing up the live website when customizing.


Kinsta-hosted websites are totally secured with firewalls and they undergo scanning continuously for malware. A compromised website will be fixed by Kinsta’s hack fix free of charge. Kinsta-hosted websites are monitored for uptime and detection protocols are there to detect DDOs attacks. Automated backups are done every day and are restored anytime with a click of a button. It allows 14-30 backups at once depending on the plan.

Its dashboard layout has a two-factor authentication and activity logs to ensure that you are the only person accessing your dashboard. You can view your invoices, visitors, and overall bandwidth usage. A search filter is also available if you have many sites. The tool helps to clear cache quickly in the dashboard directly. 


Free Site Migration

Moving your existing WordPress site from any host to Kinsta is easy because you need to sign up an account and use the migration form in the dashboard with their migration team handling the rest. It will not affect the uptime of your site, and a test will even be conducted before it goes live to ensure thateverything works as intended after migrating.

Free SSL Certificates

Kinsta provides clients with free SSL certificates with every hosting plan. The SSL certificates are powered by LetsEncrypt and offer a one-click SSL configuration on your website. This keeps your WordPress website up and running in seconds.

Customer Support

You can’t expect sub-standard support with its expensive packages.

Kinsta WordPress web hosting customer support is remarkable. It uses a ticket-based support system via intercom. It’s like a real-time chat but in the background it isn’t. Their team is available 24/7 within the Kinsta WordPress web hosting dashboard. Breaking up in the middle of the night isn’t an issue because someone is always available to assist you. They are more experienced in scaling than any hosting on the market. The team emphasizes on website speed and is more knowledgeable in WordPress hosting


Kinsta’s plans are pocket-friendly. You can have entry-tier plans at $ 30 per month for starters, which allows 20,000 visits per month. The plans are based on:

  • The number of WordPress blogs or sites you want to host
  • The number of visitors allowed each month
  • The number of PHP workers you need

Kinsta is high-end performance hosting. They are not in it simply for the competition with major players; they have their clients’ needs at heart. What makes the different is the number of WordPress sites they allow, the number of visitors allowed month, and storage space. More PHP workers are located to your site for every higher plan. PHP workers execute code on your site. Therefore, more workers allow multiple requests to execute simultaneously.

Pro plan supports multiple sites. Business 1 plans and above allows access to SSH with popular developer tools like WP-CLI. Custom and enterprise plans are also available for extra needs.

  • Starter plangoes for $30 and offers 1 WordPress install 20,000 visits each month, 3GB disk space, and free SSL certificates
  • Pro plans at $60 offers 2 WordPress installs, 40,000 visits a month, 6GB disk space, free SSL, and disk space
  • Business plan goes for $100 per month and allows 3 WordPress installs, 100,000 visits per month, 10 GB disk space, and free SSL certificates
  • Business 2 offers 10 WordPress installs, 250,000 visits each month 20 GB disk space, and free SSL certificates at $200


  • Great speed
  • Instant backup
  • Each site has data centers to choose from
  • Free SSL certificate
  • SSH and WP-CLI out of the box
  • Free migration
  • Cache flushing.


  • Dashboard needs splitting and polishing
  • Expensive even for entry levels


What differentiates Kinsta WordPress hosting from other hosting is the power it gives users to access large hosting platforms with simplicity. It is highly optimized and can handle any traffic you give it. Kinsta has a solid security and everything is backed up.

One setback I noticed is that their rather basic staging environment. You can’t move just one aspect of your website; whether it’s a file or a database. You have to entirely move everything but I believe that it’s a small issue that developers are looking into. I believe the review has given you enough insight about Kinsta WordPress hosting but to fully satisfy your curiosity, you can try it and get first-hand experience.


FlexOffers: High PayingAffiliateNetwork

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that prides itself for being the highest paying program. On this network, the advertiser can look at sales summary of the publishers under their affiliate program and analyze their performance. Tracking and motioning allow you to see the progress you have made so far. Through FlexOffers, the merchant can see reports on a particular affiliate at a selected period. Affiliates that refer their friends or acquaintances to join the FlexOffers affiliate programs earn up to $150. Advertisers have the advantage of earning profits without much effort. FlexOffers has both email and direct phone support, although it is not available 24/7. FlexOffers doesn’t charge a monthly fee; you only need to pay $500 once at the sign up stage. FlexOffers is available worldwide and any advertiser or affiliate can join from any part of the world. The network prides itself of merchants such as ad HP and Kmart.

Are you looking for an online opportunity to earn some extra cash? If you are, then you can try what FlexOffers has to offer.

Earning some extra money online has never been easier than it is today. In fact, some bloggers have found a way of making some decent income through online platforms. One of the most lucrative ways of making online money through affiliate networks.

Can you imagine talking about your favorite product while earning some cash? Well, it is that simple. Affiliate marketing involves advertising specific products and earning commissions. While this remains one of the most competitive niches in terms of earning online, it is the easiest, more so with the FlexOffers affiliate program. This post focuses on what FlexOffers is and what it has to offer to the publisher.

What is FlexOffers?

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that prides itself on being one of the highest paying programs. In fact, some of the biggest names such as Macy’s and Hallmark use their services. With 10+years, it’s no wonder such companies find it convenient using their services to hire publishers. Merchants are privileged to access state-of-the-art technological tools for building ads that publishers can use on their blogs and websites. Affiliates (publishers) can join a number of affiliate programs in order to earn commissions. Advertisers have the advantage of earning profits without exerting too much effort. This FlexOffers program review will look at some of the features and benefits for both affiliates and advertisers.

Benefits and Features

Advertisers and affiliates can reap big with FlexOffers affiliate program.

Performance review

An advertiser can look at the sales summary of publishers under their affiliate program and analyze their performance.

Tracking and monitoring

Tracking and monitoring allow you to see the progress you have made so far and how the company benefits from affiliate marketing.


FlexOffers allows the merchant to see reports on particular affiliates at a selected period. The advertiser can identify which publisher had the most traffic that led to conversions and sales.

Great support

Support of any kind with affiliate marketing is important. FlexOffers has email and direct phone support. Though it is not a 27/7 deal, the help is still appreciated.

Referral program

Affiliates that refer their friends or acquaintances to join the FlexOffers affiliate programs earn some cash to the tune of $150. However, to withdraw the money, you have to wait until the said friend reaches $2000 in affiliate sales.

Global program

Some affiliate marketing companies are limited to the certain geographical area. However, FlexOffers is global in that any advertiser or affiliate can join the program no matter where they are from.

No hidden or minimum monthly fees

While other affiliate marketing companies and software charge a monthly fee and some hidden fees for account management and maintenance, FlexOffers doesn’t. The only amount to part with is the one time $500 at the sign up stage.

Direct access to publishers

There are no obstacles with FlexOffers when it comes to accessing the rich supply of affiliate marketers.

High-end merchants

FlexOffers prides itself on merchants such ad HP and Kmart. Affiliates can work with such established brands and earn even more commission.

Accepts a variety of payment options

FlexOffers accepts payment via various payment processing platforms such as PayPal, wire transfer and credit cards.

Limitations of FlexOffers

Unfortunately, FlexOffers does come with some downsides as well.

• FlexOffers doesn’t offer 24/7 support
• As a merchant, you have to pay a fee of $500 before you use your new account.
• There is a transaction fee paid to the affiliate’s host in which the merchant has to cater to.


FlexOffers pricing

FlexOffers have an interesting pricing model that has proven to be beneficial to all the parties involved in the program. To start, the merchant is required to pay $500 known as the escrow fee. This amount is later used to cater to the affiliate’s commission as well as the conversion fee for the FlexOffers. There is also the 5% fee charged on the commission paid to the affiliate. For example, if you are to pay the publisher $50, $2.50 goes to FlexOffers. That is it. There are no hidden charges related to account maintenance or monthly fees.

FlexOffers best affiliate program benefit is the fact you pay for the sales. This means that if there are no sales forthcoming from the affiliate, then there is no paying. Most affiliate networks do not offer this one thing.

Sign up process

The signup process depends on what you want to sign up for: affiliate or merchant.

For merchants, there are three steps in the registration process. The first process requires your name and contact information plus some security details. The second step involves information about your company. With all those fields taken care of, you are done.

As for the affiliates, a four-step process requires personal and contact information, company name and the platform you wish to use on the affiliate marketing. The process is very simple, and it usually takes some days to get approval form FlexOffers.

What makes FlexOffers a favorite affiliate program is the ease of use. The interface on both ends is easy on the eyes and does not require technical skills to work with.

Checkout quick video review on FlexOffers 

Source: Jeremiah Goodman

Final thoughts

If you are an affiliate marketer or an advertiser looking for an easy and affordable option for your affiliate marketing needs, it does not get any better than FlexOffers. We have numerous FlexOffers program reviews and they all agree on one thing: FlexOffersbest affiliate program has the best pricing. It is free of hustle and flexible for both the affiliate and advertiser. The features are also very impressive and technologically sound without burdening the user. Merchants can access a ready pool of affiliates with little to no effort. You just need to sign up and enjoy.

Github: One of the Best Development Platform

Github is an online platform that allows users to collaborate in building, editing, and tracking source code projects with friends and colleagues from anywhere. Github was built from Git, which is a distributed version control system. Git offers the software that provides tracking, editing, and sharing functions that allow you to work offline. Github has free and paid plans. Its free plan has unlimited private repositories. The developer plan offers unlimited private repositories at $7 /month with a personal account with unlimited collaborators. The business plan costs $21 per user per month and has added features with a 45-day free trial. Github makes project management and collaboration easier where you can track progress of projects with simplified error detection. Github gist allows users to share snippet instead of an entire source code. Github allows you to host projects of any size. With Github, you can create a team and work on a project continuously.


GitHub was built from Git, which is a distributed version control system. GitHub is Git with new features that enhance sharing, modification, and tracking of source codes. This GitHub review will give you an in-depth feel of what GitHub offers.

What is Git and GitHub?

Git offers the software that provides the tracking, editing, and sharing functioning that allows you to work offline. On the other hand, GitHub is a website that allows a user to upload and share Git repositories. Though Git can work without GitHub, this web-based platform was specifically created for Git, and its features perfectly compliment Git.


A GitHub account can be free or paid. The free plan comes with unlimited public repositories. On the other hand, you can enjoy unlimited private repositories with the paid plans, which start at $7 per month for the developer plan. This plan also features a personal account with unlimited collaborators.

The team plan also comes with unlimited private repository but with an organization account plus team and user permissions. It costs $9 per user every month but starting with five users, you pay a flat rate of $25 per month. The business plan is categorized into two: one, which is hosted on GitHub.com and GitHub enterprise. They both cost $21 per user per month but each has some features that may be absent in the other plan. GitHub enterprise comes with a 45-day free trial.


GitHub comes with a number of features that make programming a breeze and fun. Some notable ones include:

Team collaboration

With GitHub, you can create a team and work on a project continuously. You can also add members, track errors, remotely manage projects; these are just some of the tools you can find under team collaboration.

Hosting services

With a GitHub account, you have a hosting device for your codes. Whether a GitHub open source project or just business, you can count on a secure hosting environment for your code.

URL Shortener

GitHub also features a URL shortener. Include a Git.io and you have a short version of your URL. You can also recover your original URL from the shortened one.

CLI and GI

When it comes to interfaces, GitHub accommodates both Command Line Interface and Graphical Interface.

Different file types support

Apart from the GitHub source codes, it also supports other document types such as documents, PDFs, images and so on.

200+ programming language support

GitHub allows you to code with over 200 coding languages you can think of. Some of the languages such as C++, C#, PHP, CSS are just some of the common ones.

Benefits of GitHub

Due to the features GitHub comes with, you can expect these benefits:


GitHub is a flexible tool to use thanks to its API app integration capability. The GitHub app store includes apps such as Codec, Appveyor, and Airbrake.


GitHub is loaded with plenty of documentation in relation to Git. You can find answers to questions you may have about what Git is and what it can do.

Browse and buy apps from GitHub Marketplace

Using any text editor

Thanks to the markdown feature, you can write down a GitHub source code with any text editor. The markdown ensures that the plaintext is converted to HTML or other programming languages.

Makes projects easy

Project management and collaboration are now easier. With GitHub, you can easily collaborate with other users and track the progress of the project. It has also simplified error and bud detection.

GitHub gist

This feature allows a user to share a snippet instead of an entire source code. It is very useful when you want to show an example or elaborate on a specific area.


You can host a project of any size with GitHub. It does not matter how large or small the source code is.

Drawbacks to GitHub

GitHub is a great tool but it does come with its share of drawbacks.
• It takes time to get used to working with it. If you are new, you may find GitHub designed to accommodate professional programmers.
• Working with the graphical interface can be difficult for programmers who are used to Command line interface.

Using GitHub

You can create a GitHub open source repository by following the steps below.
1. Open a GitHub account
2. After login, click the + button then new repository
3. Give a name to repository and select the initialize this repository with a README
4. Click Create Repository and you are done.

On their official website, you can find tutorials on how to use GitHub, learn how to create branches, create commit changes, and how to use pull request.

Commit changes refer to changes that have been made to the source code and saved. You also find reasons why those changes were made. Pull requests, on the other hand, refers to placing those changes out there for review by a collaborator or team member so as to get new inputs. Other how to use GitHub resources can be accessed online especially on YouTube.

New to Github? See how it Works By LearnCode.academy

Source: LearnCode.academy

Final thoughts

GitHub is not just popular but also useful. No matter what size project you have, managing it is less difficult when GitHub is in the picture. All the collaboration tools that can help you work with a team and interested parties are at your disposal. Use any text editor and your programming will still be consistently uploaded, thanks to some top-notch features. Choose the best pricing plan for your project. Organization or for personal use, GitHub is affordable. GitHub is a haven for any programmer.

Ways to Install Your First-Ever WordPress Theme

Using a WordPress-supported site offers versatility in a myriad of your ways, and changing the theme is one of them. Changing your website’s look and feel can affect how it is perceived. Though WordPress comes with a default theme, you can choose to install WordPress theme you prefer.

WordPress offers several ways of changing an existing theme: through the WordPress dashboard, the WordPress theme directory, and FTP. When using the WordPress dashboard method, you first have to download the compressed version of the theme you want to install. This method is only accessible by those on WordPress.org. On the dashboard menu, you need to click on Themes >>AddNew>> Upload Theme. Then, click on Activate button to access. You can also use the WordPress directory to install themes. First, go back to Appearance on the dashboard and click themes and then click Add New. The WordPress theme installer will give you a list of themes that meet your preference and then click on Install. The third method is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You need an FTP where you can access it through the cPanel and a WinRAR to extract the compressed files. Lastly, hover over the theme you have added and click activate.

WordPress dashboard/ upload option

One of the simplest ways of how to install WordPress themes is via the WordPress dashboard. With this method, you have to download the compressed version of the theme you want to install.

1. First, you need to log into your WordPress website, then go to the dashboard on the left side of your screen and find Appearance.
2. Under Appearance, click Themes. In this page you will see a number of themes to choose from but since you already have a theme click AddNew.
3. On the next page, click Upload Theme. You will be directed to choose the file of the compressed theme. After choosing, click Install Now. This will install the theme on your WordPress website but you are not done yet.
4. At the bottom of the success message page, look for the Activate button and click it. You have now successfully installed a WordPress theme.

Unfortunately, this form of WordPress theme installer is only accessible by those on WordPress.org and not WordPress.com. For more information on how to migrate to WordPress.org, visit their official website or you can find other tutorials online.

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WordPress theme directory with theme search

You can also install a theme directly from the WordPress directory.

1. Go back to Appearance on the dashboard and click Themes.
2. Click Add New. Unlike the last time, do not click the Upload button. Instead, look at the list of themes. There are the featured, popular, and latest themes together with a search filter. With the search filter, you can identify themes depending on certain features you are looking for. Just select the features from the list given and the WordPress theme installer will give show you a list of themes that meet your preference. If you already have a specific theme in mind, type in the name and WordPress will show you.
3. Hover over the theme you are interested in, and you will see three button options; Install, PreviewandDetail. If you want to see the look of the theme on your website, click Preview. Otherwise, click Install. A success message will appear if the process went through.
4. On this success message page, click Activate and you are done. Make further adjustments to the themes settings if need be but by following the instructions above, in most cases, you are done at this point.

FTP method

For those with no idea what FTP means, have no fear. FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol, which is simply a set of rules that govern how computer networks share files. In this case, you have to have some basic knowledge of how FTP works.

When you want to use FTP to install themes, it is important to know if your cPanel can offer FTP access or if you will have to download a program to facilitate the process. Of all the ways to install WordPress themes, this is not the most beginner-friendly option, but if you follow the instructions carefully, it will work.

What you need

1. An FTP software like FireFTP or an FTP access through cPanel.
2. WinRAR to extract the compressed files. The downloaded WordPress theme usually comes in a compressed version. Since we are uploading it directly to the theme folder, it is advisable to extract before anything else. 1. Go to the .zip file and right click it. 2. On the list that appears click, Extract to. With this method, you will be able to extract the folder you need for uploading. 1. With cPanel or whichever FTP tool you are using, log in and go to wp-content/themes folder then upload the extracted files.
Once uploaded, it by comes easily to activate. The uploaded theme will be visible from the themes option on the dashboard.

To activate the theme:

1. Go to dashboard and under Appearance, click themes, then Add Theme.
2. Hover over the theme you have added, then click Activate.
There you go with the three WordPress theme install guidelines. However, at times you may want to delete themes from your list.

  1. How to delete WordPress themes

Deleting or uninstalling themes is very straightforward and can be accomplished in two ways. It is important to note that when you are about to delete a theme, it should not be your primary theme. If it is, change it to another one before you proceed to delete.

The first process involves going to the dashboard then Appearance. Click Themes. On the themes page, you will see the delete button and then click on it.

The second way involves your FTP. Log in to your FTP manager and locate the folder with the theme you want to delete. It is that simple. Depending on your preference, you can easily delete a theme with both methods.


Installing a WordPress theme is not as difficult as it may seem. As you can see from the WordPress theme install and uninstall procedure, it is hustle free. If you follow the instructions to the latter, you will have nothing to complain about. I hope you will find these guides useful no matter what you plan with your themes. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about how to install WordPress theme.